Drakulic village victims remembered

Kisha D Dorado- OCP News Service


Belgrade: Today the Serbian Orthodox Church held a memorial service for Drakulic village victims of Ustasha (Croats) massacres that occurred on 7th February 1942 in the villages of Drakulic, Motike, Šargovac and Rakovac mine (Croatia).

In these villages, on 7 February 1942, Pavelic’s Ustasha from the so-called “Physical unit” with the help of Banja Luka Ustasha slayed, without a single shot being fired, 2,300 Serbs, among whom were 551 children.

The massacre was organized by the Ustasha commander for “Croatian Krajina” Viktor Gutić, and he actively participated in the Banja Luka and also a Roman Catholic priest from the monastery of Petrićevac near Banja Luka. Fr Miroslav Filipovic Majstorovic who was also known as “Father Satan”. He became the director of the death factory. 


OCP News Service