Croatia: Orthodox Church In Karlovac Desecrated

Photo: Bearcro / Wikipedia

31/8/15 – In Serbia 

BELGRADE – President of the Coalition of Refugee Associations Miodrag Linta fiercely condemned on Thursday the desecration of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas in Karlovac, Croatia, which was targeted by a break-in by an unidentified individual, and he also noted that this is a clear message that Orthodox Bishop Gerasim of Gornji Karlovac and the remaining Serbs do not belong in Karlovac.

Linta said that this is the fourth break-in into the facility owned by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

It is a terrible fact that the Croatian police and Prosecutor’s Office are not sanctioning these and numerous other incidents with anti-Serb background and are thus openly violating their own Constitution, laws and European values, Linta said in a written statement submitted to the media.

Linta asked the EU to react with determination and address the Zagreb government in order to put an end to the intolerance against Serbs.