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We want to share conference highlights with you that we believe bring added value and importance to this event. Please consider registering now.

Pre-Conference Gathering, Friday, December 5, 7:30 pm Due to the positive response to the conference, we will hold an informal gathering of registrants who will have arrived the evening before the conference. This will take place after the Sophia Institute Conference and Banquet at Union Theological Seminary in James Chapel.

Enjoy dessert on us, begin the conversation of women and the diaconal ministry, network with one another, and enjoy fellowship.  For those interested, we encourage participation at the Sophia Institute Conference and Banquet.

Blessing & Offering of Food to the Needy The Women & Diaconal Ministry Conference will include DISTRIBUTION OF FOOD TO EMMAUS HOUSE, a hospitality house located in Harlem. We encourage registrants to bring (or purchase when you get to the city) non-perishable items to offer at our opening thanksgiving service. These will be blessed as a way to demonstrate the connection between our offerings and feeding the poor. In the early Church, the leftovers from the offerings (that were not used for Communion) were distributed by the deacon to the poor and needy. A remnant of this practice is seen in the blessing and distribution of the antidoron. A representative from Emmaus Housewill be present to receive our offerings.

Themed Lunch Tables In order to make the most of our limited time together, lunch tables will be organized so that those interested in the various ministry topics covered at the conference (chaplaincy, spiritual direction, ministry of the Word, and parish administration) can eat lunch together, enjoy informal discussions, and network.

Speaker Book Table Conference attendees will have the opportunity during breaks and lunch to browse the book table where speakers will display and offer their publications for sale.

Ministry Table  We invite attendees to display/distribute information about ministries in which they are involved. (To receive approval to display/distribute your information, please email us at

Lastly, if you are not planning to leave immediately after the conference on Saturday, we invite you to go to dinner as a group (Dutch treat). Information about the restaurant will follow.

With God’s blessings!!!