Churches Burned, Faithful Killed – Further Atrocities Shock Ethiopia

Surafale Wondimu – OCP News Service
Special courtesy- Temesgen Zegeye

Addis Ababa-Ethiopia: Various reports suggest that the buildings and faithful of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church are under further attacks from the radicals. The faithful of the Eastern Harerge Dioceses were killed and church buildings were burned, including Genda St. Mary’s church.

The attack in Kersa and the water province situated in Eastern Harerge was worse than ever. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church faithful faces life and death situation in Oromia, Der Dawa and, Harerge, regions. The Church has not yet recovered from the recent attacks. Church properties and build buildings are demolished and Christians are killed in front of the Oromia Special forces.

The faithful use church buildings as a shelter during troubled times and priests act as peacemakers in society. The church is a symbol of unity and Love. Some ethnic-based political groups have wrongly guided their followers to act against the Ethiopian Orthodox Church believers.

Christian houses are burned, women, children, and elders are put to death.

It seems that the government mechanism has terribly failed to prevent atrocities against Orthodox Christians.

The culprits propagate anti-Christian ideologies, but they are covered up by the political demands. The lack of leadership from the high Ethiopian officials has resulted in the ongoing suffering of the church and her faithful.

Let us pray for Ethiopian Christians and demand justice for innocent people.

Surafale Wondimu- OCP News Churches