Church cannot remain indifferent against emigration from Armenia – Catholicos of Cilicia


YEREVAN. – We are concerned that emigration [from Armenia]is continuing at the same rate, Catholicos of the Greater House of Cilicia Aram I stated during a conference, in Armenia’s capital Yerevan, with heads of diaspora-Armenian organizations. In his words, today the Armenian homeland and nation face serious challenges.

“During the Armenia-Diaspora Conference we spoke about the concern of emigration, and we sadly announce the same here, too. We await the Armenian authorities’ response to this matter, and evaluation by the intellectuals and public organizations, and ordinary Armenian people. Our enemy wanted an Armenia without Armenians, but today it is by our doing that we are leaving Armenia without people. This problem has economic reasons whose solution is indispensable. And the Church cannot remain indifferent against these unhealthy phenomena,” Aram I said.

He also reflected on the Armenian Genocide issue, noting: “All of us as a nation are preparing to mark 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We are a demanding nation; the blood of 1.5 million Armenians is already spilled. Our church estates and the homes, lands, and belonging of our people’s children are seized by the genocidal Turks. Faithful to our ancestors’ testament, we are continuing and will continue our struggle for demand, so we may restore historical justice.”