Christians under pressure in West – Lavrov

Christians under pressure in West – Lavrov

Geneva, March 3, Interfax – Aggressive secularism is picking up pace in the West, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“I can’t leave out problems which Christians have been experiencing in many counties, where it is deemed politically incorrect to speak about one’s Christian identity and where Christian values, the nucleus of European civilization, are being shunned,” he said at a high-level conference on the defense of Christians in Geneva.

“Aggressive secularism is picking up pace, and the notions of moral decency and traditional ethnic, cultural and religious identity are being eroded,” the Russian foreign minister said.

“Vandalism and the desecration of churches and temples, sacred places, cemeteries and Christian symbols are becoming increasingly common,” he said.

“Believers find it increasingly difficult to openly defend their faith,” Lavrov said.


2 thoughts on “Christians under pressure in West – Lavrov

  1. Mr. Sergey Lavrov is very much correct. He could say one further truth that would really help Western Christians: that this “aggressive secularism” is in part an import from the old USSR, built up by Westerners who wanted to ‘co-exist’ with their Cold War adversary. Mr. Lavrov could say that “we Russians learned our mistake with aggressive secularism” and thereby give us the support we need.

  2. Orthodox Christians have real problems with discerning the “Christian values” in the behaviour of Putin and his Government in Ukraine, as well as the destruction of constitutional rights and civic liberties – and the murder of political opponents – in Russia.

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