Christians in Egypt Remember the Massacre One Year Ago

Matthew Clark


One year ago, dozens of Christians were murdered in Egypt as the nation’s military carried out a brutal massacre. Coptic Christians were peacefully protesting the government’s failure to take any action against a Muslim militia which had burned down a church. Egypt’s military fired on the crowd, running over civilians with their tanks.

Yesterday, Christians gathered in Egypt in memory of what transpired a year ago.

As one Egyptian Christian who participated in yesterday’s march recounted:

I’m recalling everything that happened last year. I’m remembering how we approached the television building. I can still hear the gunfire and I remember the army tanks as they ruthlessly chased us . . . . Till now we can still smell the blood of the martyrs, we still feel them here.

To this day, Egypt remains a dangerous place for Christians. Many blame the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, for keeping those responsible for the massacre from coming to justice. As the L.A. Times reports, “Morsi was sworn into office in June and none of the nation’s commanders have been charged.”

Another Coptic Christian stated:

Morsi is a liar and he is out of tune with the people . . . . I don’t want retribution or revenge. We want justice. If the blood of those who died gave us one thing, it’s freedom of speech. This is why our fight now is in the constitution.

It is important that we remember the plight of Egypt’s Christians and stand in solidarity with them. Sign our petition against the genocide of Christians in Egypt.