Christians Enter ‘Raqqa Churches’ for the First Time Since 2013


Faruk Firat – OCP News Service – 15/9/18

Syria: Christians are allowed to enter the Church in Raqqa for the first time since 2013. Christian women fighters held a victory ceremony against the defeated of the ISIS terrorist.

Emotional moments took place when the Syrian Christian fighters of the MFS were allowed to visit the Church for the first time in Rakka. Inside the Church, they remembered their fallen Christian friends, comrades and families. ISIS terrorists conquered Raqqa in 2013 where they murdered and expelled thousands of Christians.

Meanwhile, Christian women fighters of the HSNB held their victory ceremony as well. For the past 3 years, they have been fighting ISIS terrorists. Presently they are participating in the anti-terror operations in the Eastern parts of  Syria.

Turkey classifies these Christian fighters as terrorist organizations. This is because  MFS and the HSNB fight alongside the Kurds (YPG, YPJ) and with the SDF group.

Faruk Firat- OCP News Service

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