Christian clergymen in Syria released a statement


The leaders of Syria’s Christian communities have delivered an announcement and criticized the calls for emigration and the warnings against their parishes. Armenian informs about this referring to the Akhbar-TS.

According to the source the clergymen said that only the “language of a constructive dialogue” could be acceptable to the local Christians.

They reportedly met in an Assyrian church to affirm the Christian population’s plans to remain in their native land as indigenous Syrians.

The Syrian Christians disapproved all kinds of manifestation of extremism and called on the conflicting sides to reach a peace deal. The authors of the announcement also referred to the recently released statement and denied links to it. The statement called for security and peaceful co-existence between the Christian and Muslim communities of Aleppo.

They also hailed Pope Benedict XVI’s plans to visit Lebanon in September.

At the same time the Free Syrian Army denied in an interview earlier threats to the Armenian community, accusing the Syrian regime of issuing a fake statement.

In a televised statement, the top clergy of the Armenian Apostolic Church characterized the calls as an attempt to involve the religious communities in politics.

An unnamed source was quoted as saying that the Armenian community has always praised the Syrian nation’s hospitability to the Armenians in the period of the Genocide and is against any form of violence.