Celebrate Pan-Orthodoxy with En Christos at Abu Dhabi

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Salah- The first session of En Christos 2012

This session is going to prove that prayer has a deeper meaning beyond the barriers of Languages.

The international Orthodox Churches in the country are going to take part in the Evening Prayers (Sandhaya Namaskaram) in ther own respective Languages, but all in one voice of Orthodoxy.

Ensure your precious Prayers and Participation and be a part of this Historic Event to be held on 12th October 2012 from 5.30 PM to 9.30 PM in St. George Orthodox Cathedral Abu Dhabi

To Celebrate the Beauty and richness of Orthodoxy through Worship and Hymns, The international Orthodox Churches in the UAE will join together on 12th October 2012 – En Christos !

The Armenians, Copts, Greeks, Syrians, Russians, Ethiopians and Indians will together sing and pray En Christos!

The Indian Malankara Orthodox Church of has a special reason to celebrate En Christos 2012 on the occasion of their 1960th Anniversary and Catholicate Centenary of Malankara Orthodox Church which was found in AD 52 by St Thomas, the disciple of Christ Jesus.

So Please be available at the venue sharp on time and be a part of the Historic camaraderie meet of Eastern and Oriental Churches in the United Arab Emirates.

En Christos 2012 – Brahamabhavana

Together we sing, Together we stand, Together we pray , truly this session is Brahamabhavana, The reflections of Godliness in Orthodox Christians in the UAE – En Christos 2012 on 12th October from 5.30 PM, in St. George Orthodox Cathedral- Abu Dhabi.

Be a part of this Historic Event and Witness the Glory of God!


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