Bulgaria’s Patriarch Maxim Turns 98


Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarch Maxim turns 98 on Monday, with a Great Liturgy marking his birthday expected to be held in Sofia’s St. Alexander Nevski cathedral.

The Great Liturgy will also commemorate the centennary of the cathedral’s construction.

Sunday marked the beginning of a three-day long feast by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, celebrating the centennary, the 130th anniversary of St. Alexander Nevsky’s first foundational stone and the 98th birthday of Patriarch Maxim.

Born October 29, 1914, Maxim was enthroned as head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1971, currently being the eldest head of an autocephalous Orthodox Church in history.

Medics have advised Maxim against taking part in the celebrations marking his 98th birthday, as his health has been unstable lately. Rumors recently emerged that he is going to withdraw from the post over his worsened health condition.