Brethren Christian Community Opens First Congregation in Kobanê- Aleppo

Faruk Firat – OCP News Service – 15/9/18

Kobane- Aleppo-Syria: The Protestant Brethren Christian Community opened a congregation for the first time in Kobane  (Ayn al-Arab), which is a city in the Aleppo Governorate of Syria on 15/9/18.

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A minute’s silence was observed for the fallen comrades. Then Umer Firas, on behalf of the church leadership stated that “Today’s inauguration of the Church is a result of the resistance of Kobanê. Hundreds of daughters and sons of the Kurdish people and other communities in the region have lost their lives for Kobanê. This city is the key to freedom in the Middle East. The brotherhood of the peoples and the communal life have begun in Kobanê.”

The first church service took place in the new building. Kobanê gained international fame in 2014 following the glorious victory of the Syrian Kurds over the ISIS terrorists.

Faruk Firat – OCP News Service