Blessing for the Priests Attending the Degree Courses

On 18 September 2012, 150 servant priests of the Metropolitanate of Muntenia and Dobrudgea, who attended this month the courses for getting professional degrees in priesthood, met at the Patriarchate Palace, with His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel who addressed them a congratulation message.

“We are glad that you understood that in fact, priestly service needs permanent training and forming for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, to every nation, people and in every cultural context. It is not easy to convey permanent perennial values in a fast changing world. The Church is the symbol of eternal life in history. She adapts to the needs of the context without forgetting that in fact, the head of the Church is Christ, our Lord, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever and ever”, the Patriarch of Romania said, as Trinitas TV informs.

The courses took place at the Faculty of Theology of Bucharest. The written and oral examinations for a final and 2nd degree will be held on 19 and 20 September 2012.

“Many of you are founders of churches. Many of you are educators and form characters, and consciences, and most of you make a majority of biological parents. Here, the family institution is a great support for the Orthodox priest in a world in which just the Christian family is attacked from many points of view. Thus, the priest who is a parent to his children at home is a parent to all the children of the parish too. We do congratulate those who engaged with much devotion and love for God and Church in the programmes of the Romanian Patriarchate Christ shared with the children, Choose School!, and The child learns the love of Christ”, His Beatitude also said.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel offered presents to all the priests attending the courses.