Bestowing of Medals at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

On February 26, a solemn Medals ceremony was held in the Events Auditorium of the Gevorkian Theological Seminary of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, under the presidency of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

For devotion and patriotic service, as well as achievements in the fields of science and health, Shahen Khachatryan, distinguished artist and art authority of the Republic of Armenia (RA); Professor Hovhannes Sarukhanyan; Chief Surgeon and Surgical Director of the Erebouni and Nairi Hospital Surgery Departments, and Chief Advisor of the Armenia Defense Ministry and Interior Ministry; and Professor Razmik Abrahamyan, chief obstetrician-gynecologist of Armenia Ministry of Health, Director of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Perinatal Health, and Associate Member of the Republic of Armenia National Academy of Sciences; were respectively granted the Order of Saint Sahak – Saint Mesrop of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church.

The medal ceremony was opened with the Lord’s Prayer, followed by opening remarks from His Grace Bishop Arshak Khachatryan, Chancellor of Mother See. Bishop Arshak expressed joy that the distinguished devoted Armenian sons were awarded with praise and blessing of His Holiness.

Rev. Fr. Asoghik Karapetyan, director of Museums and Archives of the Mother See; Mr. Moushegh Mirijanyan; Doctor-Professor of Medical Sciences; and Mr. Vilen Hakobyan, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Natural Sciences of the RA National Academy of Sciences; reflected on the life and patriotic activities of the honored recipients. Under the singing of hymns the three Pontifical Encyclicals were brought in.

His Grace Bishop Moushegh Babayan, Director of Administration of the Mother See, read the Pontifical Encyclical addressed to Mr. Shahen Khachatryan, in which it stated in part: “…Dear Mr. Khachatryan, we personally know you and are well aware of your infinite love towards art. Today we have a joyous occasion to highly appreciate your contribution for the benefit of the development of Armenian painting, to which you brought your efforts and abilities during your entire life.

At the invitation of Martiros Saryan; the talented, famous and prominent artist, you were called to tenure at a young age in the artist’s newly created museum, and under the meticulous eye of the Master, you held the responsible position of Director for many years. You also served as Director at the National Art Gallery during the early years of Armenia’s independence, bringing your efforts during those difficult days for the effective operation of that great center of Armenian Fine Arts.

As a skilled artist and museum professional, you authored a rich collection of expert literature and organized exhibitions in many countries, pursuing the patriotic cause of making our nation’s existing and historical cultural heritage recognizable in the world. For decades with a growing zeal you searched and returned from different countries of the world many exquisite works of art by famous Armenian masters to our native museums. Today we are particularly pleased to note that before even being asked, you kindly offered your rich knowledge and skills in the service of the museum activities of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. In your daily work we witness your sincere love and zeal towards our Church and the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, whereby you enhance your way of life”.

Bishop Hovnan Hakobian, Grand Sacristan of the Mother See, read the Pontifical Encyclical granted to Mr. Hovhannes Sarukhanyan, which states in part: “We bring you our Pontifical blessing and best wishes from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. Dear Mr. Sarukhnyan, you have effectively served our nation for more than a half century as a devoted worker in the fields of health and education.

From a young age you assumed many responsible positions in the medical institutions of our country, investing your knowledge and honest efforts for the welfare of our people. With the rich experience of a highly skilled doctor, you helped many Armenians facing health problems, granting hope and optimism to their souls. Your long-term earnings of numerous awards and titles are worthily appreciated by governmental and civil society.

We are also pleased to note that heading the Surgery department of the M. Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University, you invest your abilities with boundless enthusiasm, so that the institution educates and trains proficient and capable professionals. Today, your numerous students are the continuation of your worthy cause. Your research activities are also prolific. Your hundreds of works, books and articles have contributed to the development of medical science, to bring you recognition beyond the borders of our country”.

His Grace Bishop Vardan Navasardyan; Director of the Christian Education Center, read the Pontifical Encyclical granted to Mr. Razmik Abrahamyan, which states in part: “Dear Mr. Abarahamyan, we convey our Pontifical blessings and best wishes from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. We know you personally and are well aware of your productive activities. We reflect with satisfaction that for decades you bring deserving earn in the health field, especially in the important cause of childbirth in our country. Your name is well known to our people and is remembered with gratitude, to which you served with love and care, and promote your rich experience and knowledge of talented doctor, so that Armenian homes will be blessed with child’s birth, may be filled with joy and delight.

Today, you head our country’s leading medical establishment; the Reproductive and Perinatal Health, and Obstetrics and Gynecology National Institute, making efforts so that modern scientific and technological achievements will be effectively realized in Armenia. Your scientific – educational achievements are also praiseworthy. For many years you have led the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the M. Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University. You have also authored numerous scientific articles, textbooks and studies, which are deservedly valued in the field of medicine”.

After reading the Pontifical Encyclical, His Holiness bestowed the prominent figures the St. Nerses the Graceful Medal and Saint Sahak – Saint Mesrop medals, as recognition of their great contributions in healthcare and society.

On the occasion of the granting of awards the grateful medal recipients extended their gratitude, expressing appreciation to His Holiness for the high praise and award. Young musicians of the New Names Program of Armenia, headed by Silva Mekinyan, performed a musical repertoire.

The ceremony concluded with the Blessings and remarks of the Catholicos of All Armenians. His Holiness particularly emphasized that he personally was aware of the recipients devoted activities, had witnessed their professional capacity to serve the people with a high sense of responsibility. Placing great appreciation for the contribution and service to the nation and homeland by the medal recipients of the Armenian Church, the Catholicos of All Armenians wished that they continue to live their lives with God’s blessing.

The event was attended by members of the Supreme Spiritual Council, family of the honored recipients, representatives of the health care field and cultural figures.