Believers to pray for dead and wounded in terror act in all Byelorussian Churches

Minsk, April 12, Interfax – Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk and Byelorussia expressed condolence to the families of the dead and to all Byelorussian people in relation with the terror act in metro.

“Bewilderment and sorrow for innocent bloodshed grip all hearts with the news about the victims of explosion in the Minsk metro. Peaceful citizens of our capital were wounded and killed after their working day which they had spent for the benefit of their city and country,” Metropolitan Filaret says in his address published at the website of the Byelorussian Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Filaret prays that God rest the souls of the dead, recover the wounded and help those “whose professional skills are so much needed today to cure dreadful consequences of the tragedy.” He believes that “God will give strength to the relatives of the victims and to us all, so that in our spiritual alertness and prayer we could give help to those in trouble.”

By blessing of Metropolitan Filaret, believers will pray for the dead and wounded in all Byelorussian churches within 40 days.

According to the recent data, 12 people lost their lives in the terror act in the Minsk metro, and more than 150 were wounded.