BBC Manchester interviews Fr Varghese Lal on the faith & practices of the Ancient Malankara Orthodox Church




OCP News Service – 13/4/15

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Manchester/United Kingdom: Talaat Farooq of BBC Manchester interviewed Fr.Varghese Lal (Media Manager of the Information Services of the Indian Orthodox Manlankara Church) priest on the faith and practices of the ancient Indian Orthodox Malankara Church founded by St Thomas the Apostle. The interview was done for the Programme ‘Indus’ (05/04/2015).

The major discussion was on the various aspects of Easter-Paschal celebrations in the southern part of India. The interview also focused on various challenges he face in the dual role of a media personality and as an Orthodox Christian Clergy.

Fr Lal is one of the youngest Priests of the Indian Orthodox Church who holds a major in Cinema and Televisions and has secured state level rank for his studies. He has also completed Masters by research (Minor Research Degree) programme in Media from the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala. He is planning to direct a first secular movie and will be the first Orthodox priest in India to achieve this landmark.

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