Austrian Undersecretary For Integration Says “Orthodox Church Promotes Progress in Austria”

By Fani Toli

During the Assembly of the Episcopes of the Orthodox Church at the Greek Metropolis of Austria, the Austrian Undersecretary For Integration, Sebastian Kurz, stated that the Orthodox Church promotes progress in Austria as well as multiculturalism and cultural diversity.

During the Assembly of the Episcopes, Sebastian Kurz emphasized that the Orthodox Church can bring about the solution of the integration problem in Austria.

Moreover, Kurz stated that migrants to Austria can maintain their identity and be integrated into the Austrian community, something that is being accomplished by the Orthodox Churches of Austria.
On his part, Metropolitan of Austria and Exarch of Hungary and Mid-Europe, Arsenios, praised the humanitarian work done by the Catholic and Evangelical Church.

Today, Orthodox Christians in Austria amount to 500,000, while a religion lesson concerning Orthodoxy has been established at the Austrian schools and an orthodox religious service in the Austrian armed forces.