Armenian killed in Syria

Funeral Ceremony

Funeral Ceremony

First Armenian killed in Aleppo blast.He was Sergeant Vigen Hayrapetian, who served in the Syrian army.


ALEPPO. – Due to double explosions in Aleppo, Syria, on Friday an Armenian man died, the spokesperson of the Armenian MFA Tigran Balayan told Armenian

“As the Armenian Consulate in Aleppo has been informed, Armenian Vigen Hayrapetyan died because of explosions in Aleppo,” he said.

As Armenian informed earlier, two explosions occurred in Aleppo, Syria, on Friday because of which 28 people died and 175 got injured.

The terror acts were against the military investigation office, but civilians also died, including children, who were playing in a nearby park.

Later opposition Syrian Free Army took the responsibility for the explosions.