Armenian church of Diarbeqir turned into handicraft center


Ancient Armenian church located in the region of Suri, southeastern province of Diarbeqir, Turkey, turned into a handicraft center after it was repaired.

Turkish daily “Vatan” writes, built 142 years ago the Armenian church has become a handicraft center for women where silk manufacturing and silversmith’s skills are taught.

Up to 1960s Armenians and Assyrians used to be masters of the two crafts. Speaking to the daily Bilgin Yighit, who offered to make the church a handicraft center, said:

“After the resettlement of this church owners, their crafts disappeared. We decided to launch special courses in the church. Every year 300 women and young ladies learn those crafts and take care of their families.”

Now the ringing of the bells in the Armenian church is replaced by knocks of sewing machine, Turkish daily concludes.