Annual Golf Tournament in Support of Orthodox Theological Academy

Stella Tsolakidou

The 11th annual Golf Classic Tournament of the Orthodox Theological Academy of the Metropolis of Toronto was successfully completed in a golf club of Ontario.

The players and supporters gathered $128,000 to support the work of the Theological Academy, while this year’s event attracted 160 participants.

Metropolitan Sotirios of Toronto said that the success story of the tournament is attributed to the organizing committee and the faith the Greek Orthodox community puts in the mission of the Theological Academy. His Eminence Sotirios also underscored that the Christian population of Toronto has always supported the action of the Metropolis throughout the years.

The Theological Academy aims at conveying the values and spirit of Orthodox Christianity and providing the proper training and specialized education for those planning to assume leadership roles in society as Orthodox Christian clergy and laity. Beginning from the following academic year, the bachelor’s degree is expected to be equal to the ones received from the theological schools of Greece.

The Academy has been working for 12 years and has had 39 graduates so far, 25 of whom have been ordained and are already serving the Greek parishes and Churches across Canada.