And forgive us our trespasses

Church of Serbia – Australia – July 2014

The clergy of the Sydney Deanery have continued organising and presenting spiritual lectures for adults. On Sunday, 27 July 2014, in the St Lazarus Church in Alexandria, Vespers were served by the Very Reverend Protopresbyter-Stavrophor Miodrag Perich, parish rector, and Protodeacon Christopher Henderson from the St Archangel Michael parish in Homebush. Vespers were served in English, and the lecture was also presented in English by Father Miodrag.

It was announced earlier that the lectures would be held twice a month, in the Serbian and in English languages. This strategy proved to be successful as there is equal interest for lectures in both languages. Besides the bilingual Serbian youth and adults, the audience was also comprised of those who cannot follow lectures or sermons in the Serbian language, including Orthodox Christians who belong to other jurisdictions (Antiochian, Russian, Greek, etc.) and who come from different parts of the world such as Lebanon, the Philippines, England and of course, Australia.

Father Miodrag spoke about the necessity of forgiveness and love even for our enemies, which we testify through the Lord’s Prayer, and also about the nature of Christian life which is shaped by forgiveness and love not only for our neighbours, but also for our enemies. The 40-minute lecture by Father Miodrag, which was recorded and published on the website of the Metropolitanate of Australia and New Zealand, was followed by an hour long discussion between the faithful and the clergy present as well as His Grace Bishop Irinej who provided important insights on the topic, illustrated with examples and explanations.

At the end of the evening, Bishop Irinej thanked everyone for coming, especially the Sydney clergy who recognised and felt the need to continue these spiritual lectures in benefit of the faithful even after Great Lent. The Circle of the Serbian Sisters was also specifically thanked for their efforts in preparing the food and refreshments for those present and welcoming everyone to this Serbian and Christian home.