An Interview by Professor Richard Schneider with Dr. Vasileios Marinis

Marinis Interview from Sacred Arts Initiative @ SVOTS on Vimeo.

SVOTS – April 2017

Vasileios Marinis is Associate Professor of Christian Art and Architecture at Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Divinity School. His numerous publications include Architecture and Ritual in the Churches of Constantinople: Ninth to Fifteenth Centuries and the forthcoming Death and the Afterlife in Byzantium: The Fate of the Soul in Theology, Literature, and Art.

In September 2016, as a participant in St. Vladimir’s Seminary’s weekend symposium entitled, “Rethinking Sacred Arts,” Dr. Marinis was interviewed by Richard Schneider, professor in Hermeneutics and Liturgical Art at the Seminary.

They explored, among other topics, Middle Byzantine architecture in Constantinople and liturgical practice, i.e., the connection between a liturgical rite and the space in which the rite takes place. Dr. Marinis explained that many factors determine the structure of worship spaces, historically and in contemporary society. They also discussed Dr. Marinis’s scholarly research on the concept of the afterlife and the importance of the commemoration of souls within Byzantine society.

The symposium was the first in a series of events planned between Fall 2016 and Spring 2018, all of which are part of the Seminary’s Sacred Arts Initiative (SAI) funded by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.