Ambassador Of Poland In Bucharest On A Visit To The Romanian Patriarchate

On 16 January 2015, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel received at the Patriarchal Residence His Excellency Mr Marek Szczygiel, Ambassador of the Polish Republic in Romania.

Mr Ambassador remembered the good relations between the two peoples throughout the history, which represent the premises of their development in the future. In this sense, the Polish Ambassador mentioned that during the difficult times for the Polish people caused by the World War II many Polish people were received with much hospitality in Romania, and the treasure of Poland was kept at Tismana Monastery. His Excellency appreciated the common contribution of the two states members of the European Union to the enrichment of the European cultural spiritual patrimony. Very significant is the fact that Poland is a Slavonic language speaking country with Catholic faith, while Romania is Latin language speaking country with Orthodox faith, both of them having the vocation to be a bridge between East and West. The Ambassador of Poland in Bucharest underlined the important role of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the Romanian society and in sustaining the climate of confidence and mutual respect among various religious communities of Romania. At the same time, the Romanian Patriarchate has good relations with the Orthodox Church of Poland.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel emphasised the present very good relations between the two peoples in the economical, cultural, spiritual and educational fields, Poland having been a landmark of stability and economical development, especially in the centre and East of the European continent.

The Polish Ambassador thanked for the support granted by the Romanian Patriarchate to some Polish young men willing to study at the Faculties of Orthodox Theology of Romania.

The Patriarch of Romania asked His Excellency, the Ambassador, for the support of the Polish Embassy for some pilgrimages organised by Basilica Travel Pilgrimage Agency of the Romanian Patriarchate to the churches and monasteries of Poland for better knowing the Polish culture and spirituality and strengthening the friendly relations between the two peoples.

Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate