“All in all a very enjoyable and important read, I highly recommend ‘The Orthodox Dilemma'” – John Tsambazis

OCP Publications- Review of The Orthodox Dilemma- 31/5/16

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John Tsambazis – Award Winning Executive Producer at Clapstick Pictures


I am really happy that this book is out there and someone else shares my beliefs. For a long time, I have pondered on this issue, which, I believe, is one of if not the most important issues facing the Orthodox Church today.

With all the threats and dangers facing the Orthodox Church in these troubling times it is vitally important that cooperation and unity are something that is discussed and implemented. United we stand… is a famous phrase and it certainly applies here.

Although this book has no concrete solution, the author never claims to have the absolute solution, he just states he wants to get the discussion going, which is the important first step in securing our faith and traditions. I believe that in the future this can be seen as an important book which got the ball rolling on the much need process of unity within the Orthodox Churches around the world.

From a technical standpoint, the book is very well written and a joy to read. George Alexander’s passion comes through and his lack of arrogance in proclaiming that he knows he doesn’t have all the answers is super refreshing as many theological writers cannot admit that they don’t know the absolute truth. All in all a very enjoyable and important read, I highly recommend it.

John Tsambazis