Albanian Orthodox Church Provides Aid to Flood Victims

February 2015
The massive rainfalls at the beginning of February caused flooding in many parts of Albania. The area most affected was Southern Albania which belongs to the Metropolis of Berati, Vlora and Kanina. Many villages in the cities of Vlora, Fier and Berat were affected by these floods, bringing huge economic damages to the inhabitants. Many homes were flooded by the water and it was the household equipments and furnishings that were mainly damaged. Rainfall caused significant damages also to agricultural production and livestock.
 In solidarity with the people who are in these great difficulties, all the parishes of our Metropolis committed to collect food and clothing assistance. Under the direction of the Metropolitan 50 packages of food and 50 boxes of clothing were prepared. The Orthodox Church of Berati prepared 50 food packets and the Orthodox Church of Vlora prepared 50 such packages as well. The above contingent was given to the Civil Emergency Staff at the Municipality of Novosel and was distributed to the families in the damaged area of Vlora.
The Orthodox Church in Fier prepared 100 food packets and the Orthodox Church in Lushnja prepared 90 such packages. The Annunciation parish in Divjaka of Lushnja was very special; these families prepared one food package each, in total 40 packages, also leaving inside them a note. This contingent was given to the Civil Emergency Staff at the Municipality of Levan and went to help those affected in the area of Fier.
The Holy Metropolis of Berati, Vlora and Kanina in collaboration with some believers and generous donors plan to continue in the coming days to give aid to families affected by this flood. The recent floods in the Southern areas also triggered a race to solidarity among the Orthodox believers. The first aid was gathered in the Metropolis of Berati (Berat, Lushnjë, Fier, Vlorë) and were given to the emergency headquarters of Novosel and Levan. But the collection of aid and donations continues in all the Orthodox Churches of the country.
A second contingent of additional aid was delivered today, Febuary 11, to the storage allocated for emergencies in Tirana. 160 packages and 7-liter water bottles were prepare with the donations of the Orthodox believers for the families in damaged areas. The donation was made by the Bishop of Bylis, His Grace Asti. This aid, as well as that brought by the Muslim community, were received by the Chairman of the Committee on Cult, Mr. Ilir Hoxholli, who thanked these communities for their mobilization and the message that they convey in these difficult days.
The process of collecting aid will also continue in the coming days, the students of educational institutions established by the Orthodox Church will also join in these efforts.