Albanian Orthodox Church continue to offer Soup Kitchen to people in need

Albanian Orthodox Church
Deacon Nikolla Kodheli
October 2014

The Church is lead by the words of Christ’s in her teaching and works. Having always in mind that Christ himself taught us to love and serve everyone, and especially those in need, our Church in January 2005 opened, specifically for this purpose, the “Service of Love” Soup Kitchen. The center is located at Qemal Stafa Street, near Shkolla e Kuqe (the Red School) and welcomes every week people with significant economic difficulties.

The Soup Kitchen’s goals are not only to help these people daily with cooked food, but also to offer them a safe place where they feel love for each other and for life. In order to achieve this goal, the Church strives to provide a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment and serve a good and nutritious lunch. All the organizers work in this kitchen with dedication, treating all these friends with respect, love and dignity. Nobody is asked to what faith do they belong, but we just try to understand their needs.

Now the number of people who come to kitchen has grown, reaching 120 people every lunch. People in need are identified by the members of the Orthodox Women’s League in Tirana, by other believers or sometimes the people on their own knock on the doors of our Church for help.

Lunch is now served two days a week: Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00. Our Kitchen is serving two shifts, one after another, due to the numerous persons. Once visitors have arrived, lunch begins with a prayer directed to God, which is led by the priest who is always present, and freshly cooked food is served immediately.

Each of us is called to think, pray and do something for this group of people, helping in every way possible the Soup Kitchen. Let us remember the words of Christ: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink …” (Matthew 25:35).

Contact phone number: 0674080729.