Ahmedabad Diocese under Metropolitan Mar Yulios releases new unique liturgical calendar for 2017-18

by Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE on November 18, 2017

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Liturgical Calender 2018 RF-1

Liturgical Calender 2018 RF-2ODA – 18/11/17

AHMEDABAD: The Orthodox Diocese of Ahmedabad (ODA) has come out with a unique liturgical calendar for 2017-2018 with the concept and design by its Metropolitan HG Pulikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios. The 7-sheet multi-colour calendar begins from November, the beginning of the liturgical year, with the season of Annunciation or Qudosh Idto (sanctification of the church) ending with the Season of the Cross.

December shows the season of Epiphany, while February has the season of Great Lent, the third period of the liturgical year. April displays the season of resurrection or the period of Qyomtho, with a brief note on iconography about the different traditions of each Orthodox churches. May is the season of Pentecost, showing the birthday and baptism of the church. August is the season of transfiguration when the church observes the canonical fast of St Mary for 15 days. September is the Season of the Cross, one of the great feast of the liturgical year.

Each calendar month shows markings for lectionary from gospels with days permitable fro marriage according to canon law.
The calendar also shows pictures of the 13 apostles namely St Thomas, St Peter, St Andrew, St James, St John, St Philip, St Bartholomew, St Mathew, St James, St Simon, St Jude, St Matthias and St Paul, along with Jesus Christ, Mary and John the Baptist.
Also mentioned are the prelates of Malankara Church (AD 52 to 2017) which includes 8 Malankara Metrans from 1653 to 1815 from Mathoma I to Marthoma VIII, 7 Malankara Metropolitans from 1815 to 1934 from Pullikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius II to Pullikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius V. The Catholicos of the East from 1912 to 2017 from HH Baselius Paulose I to the present Baselios Marthoma Paulose II along with 7 prelates of Oriental Orthodox churches are pictured elegantly.

HG Zacharias Mar Antonios, Metropolitan of Kollam Diocese, released the Diocese Liturgical Calendar at Parumala Seminary on October 27.

Mar Yulios teamed with Fr Dr Joseph Cheeran, Fr Iyoob of Bethany Ashram, P Thomas Piravam, Varghese John Thottappuzha and Dr Kurian Thomas, towards the concept and design of the calendar. Copies are available at MOC Parumala for sale.


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