Aglipayan Bishops, Priests & Faithful Join Orthodox Church : Mass Baptism held in the Philippines

August 2015 – Philippine Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate

WITH GREAT JOY AND GLADNESS, WE ANNOUNCE THE RECEPTION THROUGH A MASS BAPTISM THE PARISH AND CATECHUMENS FROM ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST ORTHODOX CHURCH-Photos taken during the mass baptism last August 21, 2015, Friday, of the newly accepted St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Ladol, Alabel, Sarangani Province, Philippines. A total of 239 catechumens are baptized including two Aglipayan (Philippine Independent Catholic Church) “bishops” and four Aglipayan “priests”.

Aglipayan “bishop” Esteban Valmera was baptized as STEFAN; Aglipayan “bishop Rogelio Ringor was baptized as GREGORY; Aglipayan priest Elieser Delfin was baptized as ELEASAR; Aglipayan priest Dioscoro Bergado was baptized as Alexy; Aglipayan priest John Collado was baptized as Timothy and Aglipayan priest Renato Buniel was baptized as ROMANUS. Also baptized during this event are the five candidates for seminary in Russia. The baptism was performed by Fr. Kirill Sckharboul and Fr. George Maximov after the almost two years of Orthodox catechisms. This parish formerly serve as the Aglipayan Cathedral where Aglipayan bishop have his See. NOW, it becomes as the 4th Parish of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Philippines. With this event, it marks a new stage, a series of mass baptism of 29 parishes from different parts of Mindanao is expected in the following weeks. Many years to the newly baptized Orthodox Christians!!!