After 12 years the Seminary in Prizren begins to Work

Serbian Church

In Prizren today the Seminary ” Sts. Cyril and Methodius” has been officialy brought back ,after twelve years in the exile. With an enrollment of the first generation of future theologians, where Bishop Teodosije of Prizren, professors of the theology, pupils and their parents were present, the work of one of the most famous Serbian educational institutions of the SOC was solemnly restored. Although temporary relocated, the Prizren Seminary in Nis continues its work, and in next couple of yers one will work on a full return of this school in Prizren.

Bishop Teodosije, who was appointed as acting Rector of the Seminary, pointed out that the return of the Seminary was one of the most important events in the recent time and that the beginning of the work of the Seminary would affect the increasing return of the displaced.

Bishop said that the reconstruction process was not easy and hereby it was not completed, but it would take much time and effort to complete the restoration. „The beginning of the work of this Seminary is a great success for our church and people, and I would say also for the city of Prizren, because it will get one of its characteristics and all the citizens of Prizren, no matter what nation or faith they are, they should be happy for this school has always had its place in this city”, Bishop Teodosije said.

In the restored and reconstructed old part of the complex, which is the foundation of the Seminary Sime Andrejevića Igumanov, will be accommodated students and teachers and they are fully provided with all conditions for work and accommodation. The first year was enrolled by a total of 9 students (mostly from the Diocese of Raska and Prizren). The teaching will be performed by Bishop Teodosije and Mr. Dejan Ristic, graduated theologian., hierodeacon Siluan and hierodeacon Andrej Sajc.


The Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija uses this opportunity to send an appeal to our faithful people in our country and abroad to help with their donations the work of the Prizren Seminary. Contact – hieromonk Andrej+38649776243