A new reliquary for the relics of St. Nicodimos of Tismana

December 2015

The Patriarch of Romania blessed on Thursday, 17 december 2015, a new reliquary in which the relics of St. Pious Nicodimos the Sanctified, from Tismana Monastery were laid. The service was officiated in the Parakklession St. Great Martyr George of the Patriarchal Residence, in the presence of many hierarchs, priests and deacons.

“It was necessary to place the relics of the St Nicodim in a new reliquary, because the old one had many shortcomings and it was appropriate for us to offer our gratitude and show veneration to St. Nicodimos. Therefore, together with His Eminence Varsanufie who has helped us a lot, we have undertook this blessed work at the workshops of Romanian Patriarchate”, His Eminence Irineu, Metropolitan of Oltenia said.

At the event was also present the abbess of Tismana Monastery who took to the monastery both the new and the old reliquary in order to be placed in the church of the settlement.