A ‘Letter of Consent’ Required for Clergy (of Indian Origin) to offer Worship at the St.Mark’s Monastery in Jerusalem

Pic- Djampa, Wiki

Pic- Djampa, Wiki

OCP News Service – 10/10/18

Jerusalem- Holy Land: A statement from His Holiness Ignatius Aphrem II – Patriarch of Antioch and All-East reads that a mandatory letter of consent is to be obtained from the office of the Catholicos of India (Catholciate of the Syriac Orthodox Church of India) for any clergy/prelates of Indian origin to offer Worship or Divine Liturgy at the St. Mark’s Syriac Orthodox Monastery and Church in the Holy Land. The below statement was made at the ongoing Holy Synod session of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Lebanon.

“Any clergy of Indian Origin must present a consent letter from His Beatitude The Catholicose in India, to be allowed to offer worship in the Jerusalem St.Marks Syriac Orthodox Church (venue of the historic last supper of our Lord Jesus Christ).”

We have confirmed the validity and authenticity of the above statement from the office of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All East.

OCP News Service

6 thoughts on “A ‘Letter of Consent’ Required for Clergy (of Indian Origin) to offer Worship at the St.Mark’s Monastery in Jerusalem

  1. Nobody from IOC is going to come that place anymore … is that ok
    We payed a lot to build that church.. however we are not going to claim
    For anything… we know what to do… we are pretty sure that it is not
    The real one….. still ok… we are rich enough to build another one….
    So don’t be so naive….

  2. Dear H. H Moran Mar Ignatious Pathrearkies,
    Please note that we are Indians never closed door to any of our guest. Holy Bible thought us also equality. Please check what happening to your church is shifting from one place to another think about it.Monopoly is not more running, now Democracy leads the world. So please take decision wisely, In the name of Holy Father Holy Son and Holy Spirit. Thanks

  3. First of all HH should direct his Indian followers to obey Supreme Court’s judgement regarding Church case. Everybody knows that there is only one Catholicate in India which is reinstated in 1912. The highest court in India confirmed that HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose 2nd is the Cathalicose and Malankara Metropolitan. So why Indian priest to get letter from unauthorized person. Better avoid to visit that place, instead of paying 100 USD for Holy service moreover letter from unauthorized Catholicism. The church is constructed with the help of our forefathers in Malankara is true I believe.

  4. Support to Prince Patriarch…Great decision by HH..The indian orthodox fraction is trying to dominate the jacobites in the name of supreme court verdict..not only trying to makes problems in all the parishes but our clergys and bishopsnare not allowed to enter any of these churches..Considering this fact its a great decision taken by HH Patriarch…

  5. To renovate this monastery, the parishes of Malankara Church gave a significant donation to the Syriac Metropolitan of Jerusalem who toured Malankara in 1856 for the same project. Anyone who questions this can see for themselves the inscriptions at the monastery.
    And yet again, the Syriac Patriarch debases himself with this pathetic indirect stab at the Malankara Orthodox Church in an attempt to prevent clergy of Malankara from officiating Divine Liturgy there.

    Aphrem Ta’ala….. the cunning fox that you are.
    Do you really think that everyone else is blind and won’t realize that this is payback for your shameful defeat in the Supreme Court of India?
    Once a fox, always a fox.

  6. Kissing the holy hands of the Patriarch..
    I wish to say that you can never trust your Aboon in India.
    He will just buy money and get everyone going to them send everyone to the Saint mark’s Chapel

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