A Kind Appeal to Support the Orthodox Faithful and Churches in Rural Ethiopia



Menetasnot Desta – (Chief Administrator – OCP Amharic Service) – OCP News Service – 3110/2019

‘We Are Unsure If They Are Dead or Alive’ – On The Fate Of The Orthodox Faithful in Oromiya

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Global: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Clergy Association in Northern America has launched Go Fund me program and calls upon Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, Ethiopian, and sister Orthodox Churches and faithful, and the supporters, and wellwishers of the Ethiopian Church to help churches and faithful  in rural Ethiopia as they need emergency support as a result of the recent riots and violence.

Orthodox Faithful, Prelates ‘Prepare For Martyrdom’ in Response to the Unending Riots in Ethiopia

The Cause
This page is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to those who have been persecuted and took physical assault and abuse because of their religion; and who were made to flee their homes and took shelter in churches, especially pregnant mothers and children. Please do your best to offer financial assistance and support. Sharing and spreading this message for others is also one of the means to reach out to those going under persecution and the suffering church. May the God of our fathers help us all! May He accept our prayers and good works! And may He hide us from the body of adversity, from the soul of misery.

“I Am Pleading To The Creator In My Prayers With Tears”- Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia

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