‘A Critical Analysis of the Ethiopian Crisis’ Presentation Held at the Central University of Punjab by Donn George Varghese  

OCP News Service – 23/11/2019

Punjab-India: A presentation titled ‘Critical Analysis of the Ethiopian Crisis’ was held at the Department of the South and Central Asian Studies of the Central University of Punjab (CUPB), Bathinda, on 22nd November 2019. The presentation was made by Donn George Varghese (Delegate of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE) and a student of the CUPB.

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The presentation focused on the causes, and effects of the recent ethnopolitical and religious crisis in Ethiopia. The objective of the presentation was to expose the academic community to the brutal violence that has been taking place in Ethiopia since 2018. Donn George gave a brief outline of the Ethiopian political history, politics and ethnic diversity. He spoke on the various factors (Ethnic, political and religious) that play an important role in the current crisis as well as the effects of the crisis on the Ethiopian population.

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The presentation was made under the guidance of  Dr. Nishtha Kaushiki – Assistant Professor Department of South and Central Asian Studies. Donn George is currently working to develop the presentation into a research paper.

OCP News Service