28. June NGO Brings Hope Back to People in Medveđa – Southern Serbia

28. Jun NGO – 2/8/2020
In response to the provocation of Duo Lipa, we launched a petition in which unanimous citizens believe that Kosovo remains an integral part of Serbia. Our petition collected 196,699 signatures in 48 hours, thus destroying the Albanian counter-petition, which started a few weeks earlier! Our next step will be to use the special consultative status with the UN, to file an official complaint to UNICEF, with which Dua Lipa previously cooperated.

Last year, our volunteers visited the village of Crni Vrh in the municipality of Medvedja. The area overlooks the administrative border with Kosovo and Metohija and is part of a larger area that Albanians hope to annex, as shown on Dua Lipa’s map of “Greater Albania”. Our team was immediately astonished by the contrast of the simple villas, which were recently built by Albanians, and the dilapidated condition of Serbian houses in the area.

There we met the Stefanović family; father Milivoje, mother Jasmina and their children, Dusan, Milica, Dusica, Anastasia, Gina, Emma and baby Lana. Their house was on the verge of collapse, and the living room served both as their kitchen and as a bedroom. They did not have a bathroom, toilet or shower. But together we made a difference; June 28 invested $ 10,000 in repairing and upgrading the house with several new rooms, bathrooms, stairs, doors and windows.

The joy in the eyes of the children and the gratitude of the parents were endless. We will quote one local: “June 28 brings hope back to the people here.” But this is a long-term project that our organization cannot take on on its own. When it came to our help spread through the village, 80 other families in similarly difficult situations flooded our volunteers with stories of their suffering.

We have shown the world that we will not stand aside, while the Serbs in Medvedja (or anywhere else) are disappearing! Next month, we will return to the same area and plan to bring much-needed help to families whose situation has worsened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Every donation, sharing of this story or even a word of support is of great benefit and deserves our deep gratitude. If we all unite, we can make a big difference.

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