28 Jun NGO Volunteers Visit Abandoned Children in Novi Kozjak

28 Jun NGO – 26/2/2020

The widely-circulated story of 6 abandoned toddlers in Novi Kozjak seems to be headed toward a bright future. Yesterday, our volunteers visited the ‘Children’s Village’ shelter in Sremska Kamenica where the children have been transferred to. Their move there was the only way to keep them all living together. Your donations have already helped them get what they needed most; food, hygiene products, clothing and much more.

28 Jun NGO to Cater 6 Young Children Abandoned by their Parents

The ‘Children’s Village’ is unique in character, with 10 fully equipped cottages ready to house 10 kids each. Each of the dormitories has two Early Childhood Educators who are like foster parents to the children and are fully committed. The eldest sister fit in nicely with her peers, as did her older brother. We had a chance to talk and play with them for a full two days. It’s hard to put into words how full of love the kids are.

Most importantly, they are finally safe and in good hands. We are also proud to say that we have partnered with the ‘Children’s Village’ to continue to help this family and are already jointly arranging programs for their education. We will work toward this common goal in collaboration with Director Jankelic, and we believe that, with your help, we can provide these children with everything they need for a bright future.

The children still lack much, as they literally arrived with only the clothes they had on. We need your help. The youngest twins turn 3 years old next week. We are preparing something special for their birthday. Please donate now.

Online Donations: https://28jun.org/donate