28. Jun NGO Delivers Christmas Presents to Hundreds of Serbian Children in Montenegro and Krajina

28. Jun NGO – 18/1/2020

With your help, we came through for the children! Our volunteers delivered Christmas presents to hundreds of Serbian children in Montenegro and Krajina in addition to our previous gift giveaways in Serbia. We have two deliveries left — to Bosansko Grahovo and to my hometown of Kljuc, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Often neglected, as it lies outside of Republika Srpska, this Serbian enclave in Bosnia is home to nearly as many Serbs as Kosovo. Known for being the birthplace of Gavrilo Princip, the region is made up mostly of post-war returnees who live near the poverty line. The number of children in this area pleasantly surprised us as it was much higher than expected.

This is why we again turn to you. Every penny donated to 28. Jun has already been spent on bringing the joy of the season to underprivileged children and this is our final push. Our efficiency and transparency are second to none. The delivery of New Year’s gifts will take place this week, so please, rush a donation now:

Credit Card/PayPal: https://28jun.org/donate

Dinarski racun broj: 265111031000342797