2015 Festivals to Commemorate Anniversary of St. Raphael’s Repose

Antiochian Orthodox Church in USA – 20/8/14

The 2015 Oratorical Conference theme for the Antiochian Archdiocese has been announced as the “100th Anniversary of the Falling Asleep of Saint Raphael.” Bishop Raphael (Hawaweeny), much beloved by the American Syrian community he served during the early years of Orthodoxy on the North American continent, reposed in 1915 and was canonized in 2000 as St. Raphael of Brooklyn. This year’s Creative Arts, Bible Bowl, and Oratorical Festivals held across the U.S. and Canada will feature his life and legacy.

Each year, the Department of Christian Education organizes the Creative Arts Festival which includes art, photography, poetry and creative writing, and the Department of Youth organizes the Bible Bowl and the Oratorical Festivals. During the school year, students prepare for their participation, and then showcase their work and compete in the Bible Bowl and Oratorical events during the 2015 Parish Life Conferences held in each diocese.

Many downloads and resources for the Bible Bowl and Oratorical Festivals are available now, and new material to aid students and teachers in their preparation will be added to the Festivals section as they are completed. Of particular note is this year’s song, the Troparion of St. Raphael, which can listened to here.