Georgian Patriarch asks Europe not to impose alien ideas on nation

by OCP on January 8, 2014

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Tbilisi, January 7, Interfax – Patriarch Ilia II of All Georgia has urged the European Union to take into account Georgia’s determination to adhere to it traditional values.

“The European Union should take into account our traditional views and not impose the ideals of same-sex “marriages” and same-sex “families” that are alien to us here,” his Christmas message circulated in St. Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi last night says.

Several thousand worshippers gathered there, including almost the entire Georgian Cabinet led by Prime Minister Irakly Garibashvili.

The patriarch welcomed the announcement by head head of the EU Delegation to Georgia, ambassador Philip Dimitrov that the EU does not condition Georgia’s integration by the recognition of same-sex “marriages”.

“This is a good announcement because given the preservation of the traditional ideas of residents of Georgia about marriage this will make the aspiration of this country to Europe deeper,” he said.

The patriarch was dissatisfied with the fact that the actions and views of sexual minorities are declared democratic aspirations while the stance of the Church is sharply criticized.

He also spoke for banning abortions and surrogate motherhood in Georgia.


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  • Jim Wiggins

    Our prayers with Patr.-Cathcs. Ilia and the Georgian Church and its people. We Orthodox need to form a strong front toward the EU and US State Dept. in defense of our Christian spiritual cultural values. If the Phanar’s Patriarch wants to be seen as a leader, he will need to work collegially with all his brothers, the heads of all the Orthodox churches, to bridge the widening gap between Orthodox values and those being foisted by the power brokers of the EU and US.

  • lapin.grove

    The USA and the EU are the new commie masters of Georgia!

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