Armenian cemetery in Turkey is destroyed

by OCP on July 26, 2012

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Another vandalism occurred against the Armenian graves in Turkey.

An Armenian cemetery was destroyed to build a new road in the Eruh region of the country’s Siirt (Sghert) Province, the Turkish Aykiridogrular website informs.

Until now, however, an Armenian church—which is located within the borders of the Kurdish Khert village—was already ruined, and its continuation was that, instead of restoring the church, the authorities began destroying the Armenian cemetery situated in the vicinity of the church.

And even though the human skeletons are scattered all over the area, the persons in charge continue to build roads on the bones of Armenians.

To note, there are numerous cases in Turkey when Armenian cemeteries have been destroyed, and schools, kindergartens, hospitals, stadiums and highways have been built there.


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