Russian Orthodox Church recommends Berezovsky to form Antichrist Party

by OCP on March 21, 2012

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Moscow, March 19, Interfax – Businessman Boris Berezovsky may be successful in the establishment of an Antichrist party, the Moscow Patriarchate believes.

“I am glad that Boris Abramovich is not the first person proposing to establish a party based on Christian or Orthodox values. There are six organizing committees of similar parties already. Hopefully, this broth will produce something tasty,” Chairman of the Synodal Department for the Cooperation of Church and Society Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin told the Interfax-Religion.

London resident, businessman Berezovsky has announced the decision to form a party based on Christian and Democratic values.

“I propose to call it the Christian Democratic Revolutionary Party of Russia or the Resurrection Party,” Berezovsky wrote on LiveJournal on Monday.

“Christian because love and freedom are the cornerstones of our party ideology. Democratic because only a democratic political system in Russia can ensure the implementation of our ideology. Revolutionary because a shift from pagan to Christian mentality means revolution. The Resurrection Party because we will announce the party’s establishment on Resurrection Day, April 15,” he said.

Berezovsky “may take a much more colorful niche and a highly promising one if he reads the Apocalypses attentively,” Rev. Chaplin said.

“He may form an Antichrist party and even run for this post. I believe that his words and deeds give him a perfect chance [for that] if they are analyzed from the position of Christian morals. Even his latest statement fits many prophecies describing the Apocalyptic Beast (an Antichrist name in the New Testament),” he said.

Antichrist is a historically unique figure, and one “has to travel a lot by the path followed by Boris Abramovich and offered by him to others” for aspiring for this mission, he noted.

“Yet he is a talented, resolute and smart person. He may be successful, who knows. At least a person of such scale may learn to make false miracles necessary in such cases,” he said.


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