1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock !

by OCP on February 25, 2012

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The relic was ‘rediscovered’ in the depositum of Ankaran Justice Palace, the ancient version of bible is believed to be written in Syriac, a dialect of the native language of Jesus.

Ankara / Turkey – The bible was already in custody of Turkish authorities after having been seized in 2000 in an operation in Mediterranean area in Turkey. The gang of smugglers had been charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations and the possession of explosives and went to trial. Turkish police testified in a court hearing they believe the manuscript in the bible could be about 1500 to 2000 years old.After waiting eight years in Ankara the ancient bible is being transferred to the Ankaran Ethnography Museum with a police escort.

Ancient Bible will be shown in Ankaran Ethnography Museum

The bible, whose copies are valued around 3-4 Mil. Dollars had been transferred to Ankara for safety reasons, since no owners of the ancient relic could be found.

The manuscript carries excerpts of the Bible written in gold lettering on leather and loosely strung together, with lines of Syriac script with Aramaic dialect. Turkish authorities express the bible is a cultural asset and should be protected for being worthy of a museum.

Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

Syriac is a dialect of Aramaic – the native language of Jesus – once spoken across much of the Middle East and Central Asia. It is used wherever there are Syrian Christians and still survives in the Syrian Orthodox Church in India and a village in the vicinity of Syrian capital Damascus. Aramaic is also still used in religious rituals of Maronite Christians in Cyprus.

Experts were however divided over the provenance of the manuscript, and whether it was an original, which would render it priceless, or a fake. Other questions surround the discovery of the ancient bible, whether the smugglers had had other copies of the relic or had smuggled them from Turkey.

Vatican eyes the faith of the ancient relic

The Vatican reportedly placed an official request to examine the scripture, which was written on pages made of animal hide in the Aramaic language using the Syriac alphabet.

The copy of the ancient Bible is valued as high as 40 million Turkish Liras ( 28 Mil. Dollars)


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  • Daniel Daviis

    If it is in fact authentic, I imagine the Vatican WOULD be shocked. After all, in the rape and looting of the IV Crusade, they thought they had stolen or destroyed any such items.

  • Malek Fu

    Secret £14million Bible in which ‘Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad’ unearthed in Turkey

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2105714/Secret-14million-Bible-Jesus-predicts-coming-Prophet-Muhammad-unearthed-Turkey.html#ixzz1nQhO24ZI 

  • Brian

    @3a14d445500ea29eccff065010d3b4ef:disqus Are you serious? LOL

  • Fahim

    of the world still do not believe , The Prophet Isa ( A.S) or (Jesus,
    peace be upon him), is still a Maseeha or Messenger of mighty Allah , He
    is not a son of him …Neither Allah has no wife and no child ….Allah
    is one and only one in the universe….The Prophet Isa (Jesus, peace be
    upon him) will return to the earth and he will rule Islam , by
    destroying Cross and pigs animal … which is written in Quran.
    The Prophet Isa ( A.S) or (Jesus,
    peace be upon him), his teaching and prediction. , His sacrifices still makes me cry how romans and boni isreals tortured him .

  • Fahim

    All the other Holy Books are consequently reached to the people of the earth by the messengers of God.
    Torah=Moses, Zabur=David ( Daud), Torah=Moses ( Musa), Injeel – Jesus (Isa) and lastly Quran- Muhammad . you should believe why it came to human ? Because to believe that there is one God and the messengers was a human like us .

  • G Abraham46

    It is God’s will to show the world that The Bible is a true Image of His life and preaching that never be destroy any one in the earth.Truth is always truth.1500-2000 yrs old Bible means we Christians once again bow our head before God to believe that He is the only Saviour in the mankind and the Universe.

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  • Kuruvillakoshy

    Great finding.  If we search thorughly the areas where disciples of Jesus travelled, we could find more letters and gospels written by them, but still not unearthed. 

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  • christianmalt

    we(all Christians) across the world should come together against these types of insulting talks from persons like fahim ….. we should be ready for a new era cross war against whoever trying to collapse our religion with oil money power   

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ziaullah-Khan/1490779680 Ziaullah Khan

    I hope the bible of todays age might be compared with the one discovered & find the mismatches plus editing done lolx…….

  • Adil Hashim

    “new era cross war” ?
    Isn’t there enough destruction and fighting going on already?
    Nobody is trying to collapse you, or your religion. What that Fahim said. True or not, he/she said it in a wrong manner. What he wanted to do, was not to be guilty of not saying the truth. But that is surely not the way he should have put it there (I guess he shouldn’t even have tried to put it there) .

  • Efraim Shultz

    Islam is a lie and teaches lies.
    Jesus Christ is Son of God, Lord and King of all that is.
    Jesus Christ is NOT a son of Allah!!!

  • NomadicTeku

    Only open minded people can even try to understand/except this!! I am from a Christian;Orthodox church and I feel like we have simply been following footsteps and accepting our ancestors words on everything, we fear to question, we fear to ask and we fear to open our minds to new perspectives, simply because and I quote”people don’t want to hear the truth, because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”! Don’t get me wrong I am not saying this is 100% true, I am only saying that it is helpful-good to be open minded!

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