15 years of hierarchal service of Bishop Filaret

Church of Serbia – 9/7/14

This significant anniversary was marked on the feast day of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist and Forerunner, at the monastery of Milesheva.

When our Church prayerfully celebrates the Birth of John the Baptist and Forunner, it was the 15th anniversary of hierarchal service of His Grace Bishop Filaret of Milesheva. Faithful people of the Diocese of Milesheva gathered on the eve of the feast day at the Vesper service which was served with akathist to Saint Sava in the Milesheva monastery. On the feast day Their Graces Bishops Nikanor of Banat and Filaret of Milesheva served the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy with the concelebration of monks and parish priests of the Diocese of Milesheva.

Bishop Filaret came to the Monastery of Milesheva fifteen years ago, and as the third Bishop of Milesheva, he renovated the Milesheva Monastery. Along with the renovation of the Milesheva monastery, he began refurbishing other sacred places in his Diocese. Out of seventeen destroyed monasteries he reconstructed fourteen of them: Kumanica, Dovolja, Seljani, Dubnica, Mazici etc.

Along with his priests, monks and faithful people the Bishop has built more than thirty new churches.

Bishop Filaret also established a first church radio station in this region, which is today one of the most popular ther, and not only among the Orthodox people.

All in all, 14 monasteries, 34 new churches and 12 parish houses has been reconstructed.