Some ruminations on God’s love -Part 6, 7 & 8

by OCP on June 30, 2012

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E S John

Part- 6

Role of Judas

We are no way different from Judas who obscured and defied the Lord’s commandments and warnings which focusing on his hypocritical and suicidal crimes. All the disciples said, “Even if I must die with you, I will not deny
you”, mt.26: 35, including Judas while the head money of his Lord was kept safely in his purse. He was right that he wouldn’t deny but only betray his Master, unlike the other fellow disciples. Look at the audacity of the villain
or weakling who saluted Jesus, “Hail Master. And he kissed Him”, Mt.16: 49. He, therefore, desecrated the first institution of the Holy qurbana and the second institution of the commandment of love, Jn.13: 34-35. His loving kiss was for 30 silver coins. Apart from his genetic disorders which I don’t want to ponder over here, he was also faced with the ripples of the internal feuding scenario over the leadership and supremacy tussles among the senior and junior peers even at the Last supper. I have given in my books all such hallucinations and delusions that he was preyed into towards the end of his tumultuous journey, hence no room in repeating here. The internal rivalry and intrigues for power games in any institutions, clubs, religious venues or families will have many helpless victims of circumstance.

In order to quell these destructive forces, they were offered with 12 thrones at different stages even at the last hour, yet the power of the diabolical forces seized them for betraying and denying by breaking their solemn oaths within few hours. Had they been satisfied with the Lord’s offers of thrones, the only ultimate reality, there wouldn’t have been any denials or betrayals which ended up in untoward catastrophes. Those 8 apostles who obviously were not involved in any power wrangling also got the thrones without any rise and falls. St.Thomas and St.Philip wanted to know the way to the Father, and got the clue for it later on, Jn.14. Our fate also is the same. Our only aim is to get salvation. Does it need any `sthanam or manam’ in the church? “Nearer to church is far away from God” is a true old saying. The bribery money that he accepted 2 days before was craving in the prince of perdition’s mind while he accepted the Holy qurbana from the grieving Master. Are we different in any way from him? No. Jesus could
wash their feet only, not their minds, because of man’s free will.

Part 7

Judas did charity works at the expense of the chaste faith. That is by rebelling against the Lamb who forewarned them that the Word Incarnate came from Heaven to redeem mankind from the sloth of sin. But the traitor sold Him for money, and he in turn bartered his soul for eternal fire. Here again we face the same duplicate scenario now. The God’s everlasting love that flows from the throne of Grace and mercy is replaced by the Judas’ love of charity works, as amplified by the cost of the ointment that Mary spent for anointing the feet of the Lord, Jn.12. The modern generation is sick of parish /church’s unwanted extravaganzas of stereotyped celebrations and pomp, consequently giving some money for charity works of the church and claim superiority as salvation earners and the hinge pins of parish/ church affairs became the prominent zeal. We emulated the faith vandalism of Judas by replacing the sacrament of Holy Confession with ‘husoyo’ prayers, the same that the son of perdition did at the first institution of the sacrament of Holy qurbana. He didn’t cleanse his mind by answering the charges Jesus made then and before also, Jn.6, despite the Lord washed his feet. We stopped the flow of God’s grace upon us by abstaining from the sacrament of Confession before receiving the Holy Mysteries. The present once in a year confession, the eligibility right for parish voting, is like our National census which determines the population of the country or electoral role registration. One who goes for confession for few times a year is apparently gossiped as a sinner by the majority the saved ones. Even without confession, the seemingly born again believers take part in the Holy qurbana by ‘husoyo’ prayers every celebration, because the unwritten policy of the church is to abstain from receiving it is a sin. We copy and follow anything that happens in other imperial or the charismatic churches.

The gloomy but glorious earthly, outward era that dawned towards the end of the 1970s flourished exuberantly in material wealth and high-tech, angelic living conditions which began by sedating the sanctimonious faith that we have been resuscitating in all possible ways.

This is a reflection of the philosophy of Judas who didn’t believe in the mystical body of Christ, but doing charity works which Jesus started with His money that He received from the devoted small community, Lk.8: 1-4. Now the church authorities are playing with the money and the trust which the devotees have entrusted upon them, but trampled over the apostolic faith by importing heresy and pagan celebrations into the body of Christ for the sake of grabbing money from the faithful flock. Just as the Jews prodded over the commandments and the creed of Moses, and killed Jesus, we also grieved the Holy Ghost and sacrificed our sacred faith by substituting it for money and wealth. Real estate and Political spirituality are the product of such teachings of that God is love; hence a loving God can be pleased by giving help and money to the suffering flock. The Red Cross, World Vision and other charity organizations give their reports, showing that 90% of the money they collect are for Administrative costs, the balance that reaches in the underdeveloped countries is used for military hardware after a good share is taken by the distributors. Such Judas’ works are adorned with high glamour, at the same time dishonoring, denying and wailing the Creator who is all in all in our everyday life. Worship comes in the first part of the Mosaic commandments; the second part is the work for the downtrodden and the marginalized ones. All these imperatives are explained meticulously in the Creed that was given separately in the 5 books of Moses. St.Paul and all other apostles died for Jesus, the pioneer and protector of our faith …, Heb.12: 2; 11; 6, not for Judas who cared the charity portfolio by embezzling money. St. Paul gave importance to faith, Rom.3.27; Heb.11 and 12), so also the Lord said that if we have faith, not love (a byproduct of faith), mountain can be moved from its place. Before the onset of the high-tech era we tried to cultivate the right faith and used to live as a loving community because it was imperative to lead that life in such a way due to our daily necessities which were manned by human power, not by electrical appliances and countless insurance schemes.

Part 8

The impact of science and technology

Just as the WORD became MAN, Jn.1; 1-4, the created universe and its order came into its pattern in a scientific formula by God’s utterance. It must have started with a single cell organism of ameba and then developed as animals in the sea which came as amphibian and developed and reached up to the stage of chimpanzee age during its metamorphosis changes, Ps.146: 6; 148: 5-6. But God made man in His own image and likeness with His own hands, not by His words, making a MISSING LINK in between chimpanzee and man. In other words, God also works in a scientific formula that He used in the creation of everything under the earth as well as in Heaven, Ps.33: 6-9. Man is also a passing shadow on the face of the earth; thus he also vanishes after either praising by worship or abusing God by the free will that he is adorned with. Man is created as a servant of God, Is.49: 3, and he expected to worship
Him on accounts of His mercy and grace that He bestowed upon him, Is.40: 12-31 &1. Man is created to worship God and then earn a place in the musical band of the fallen Lucifer legion that once used to worship the Almighty in timelessness. But man becoming a dupe of the devil uses his intelligence and the power of the inner knowledge by which he claims credit and superiority on the mysteries that are shrouded within the created order of scientific and technological knowledge, particularly at this time when the most of the mysteries are unfolded, so that the boastful men are befooled and misled by the petty technological invention which helped in degenerating the quality of inner life. The eminent scientists and biologists accept and approve that God is the author of science and technology, but the pigmy scientists and charlatans defy the Creator and worship the Devil, with the aid of all bodily passions. Thus God finds a reason for the arrogant and proud man to be humiliated by rejecting him to the infernal darkness and collecting the obedient ones to His Eternal abode. Thus an era of rebellion, as in the days of Lucifer, by atheists, agnostics, Gnostics, humanists, rationalists, hypocrites and irreligious and moral hunchbacks and perverts of all types will pave the world to be buried in the sulpherous ashes of the bottomless pit. The following is the obvious sign and sigh of the last phase of human history.

The high-concrete separation walls between the neighbors that invited an era of isolation felt the necessity of giving out the excess money to the charity institutions by nuclear families which having only one or two children. The carnage of money by the super powers which wanted to bring everything under their control made unbridgeable fissures in our National and international relationships and communities. The long -suffering miseries that caused by a culture of gun and hate, the weapons of mass destruction and human bombs and terrorism of religious, ethnic,
tribal and national and international dimensions triggered for at least a minority of the world population that are uprooted from its habitats have become a perennial urge for the world communities and rulers to settled down
them in make shift accommodation lately. An unnatural and artificial life in our hybrid society that invite a higher standard of high-tech life needed money, electronic infrastructural transport and communication facilities for
giving minimum comforts of shelter and food, especially clean drinking water. Money, money, everywhere money, but is not accessible to have a peaceful life for about 90% of the world populations. Money and power games can’t buy peace. Slums under the shades of high rise flats and buildings are the naked realities of global society that mint money out of fossil energy and natural resources. God is ousted out to the polar areas where He is destined to fight and defeat the incoming and exiting diabolical forces of hell. Money, support and help are to be provided where man is treated as mere animals. Man loves the animal word more than he loves his own species because he identifies himself with the darker animals that are emerging from the abysmal word, Rev.13: 1, so much is the cruelty waged man against man. Hence charity help and works are of paramount importance in today’s torn apart globe.

Espionage, spying, watching the movements

By secret ways by National and international secret organizations by advanced technical know-how which we started during the world wars make man not to love his own brethren. It has become imperative in preying upon others to cast an eye on everybody, even our own kiths and kin and neighbours. Hacking of communications and torturing innocent people is the byproduct of a high-tech life scenario. The whistle blowing Association and neighborhood watch are such products that even pry into our private life for selfish petty reasons. Love between individuals has evaporated
and consequently a legal-minded society and social order and club life paradigm of buccaneer and Epicurean life thrive by whistle-blowing and secret communications. A time is dawned that nobody loves one another, but is linked
by a superficial relationship with the expressions or salutations by ‘please’ ‘sorry’ ‘don’t worry’ greetings. In order to meet these challenges religions, world bodies and governments are forced to throw away their religious values and ethical precepts because it is proved that only the international treachery and mafia system could thrive when man is struggling for basic necessities of everyday life and fundamental rights that are enshrined in our constitutions and religious and moral codes/teachings. Terrorism and fanaticism and racial and ethnic tensions aggravate and man is at loggerhead within himself because individualism has become the religion of the open society that craves for money and power. Counterfeit money is another evil that the rulers are faced with enormous

As a result of such vicious outcomes, what we have to lament is the sedation of churches and spirituality by the
underground forces of mafia systems as of a major concern. Such an adverse social complexity made it inevitable for the religious hierarchy to inculcate the mass that God is love, and unless we love God, we are doomed to perish. But the irreligious and moral idiots embrace charity work as the weapons to replace the main religious agenda of worship, forgetting that the absolute faith in God is the ultimate strength that can only give an answer to our problems and getting salvation thereby. No congenial time or ability to practice religion when our physical and mental life is in turmoil with TV and all other electronic mass media which became the bible and worship, together with goes the amorous lifestyle of a pagan and atheistic community baffled by the scientific and high-tech cosmetic mesmerism. The licentious lifestyle of an abrasive society which craves for equality of sex, a false and power-generating bargain, has cut the nuclear families into pieces by the dynamite of divorce and equal opportunity acrobatics. One has to realize that during the high-tech era man doesn’t live by the earthly trinity of sex, lunatic drugs and nerve-breaking mad music alone; he needs the healthy food for his inner appetite, too.

Disparities that divide the community into many strands have given rise to many forms of irreligious outcomes of promiscuities and fads. The money-making culture of sub-cultural strands dominated the world stage by musical pop groups and bands and immoral lifestyle which all thrive by self-consuming pleasures with an omnivorous taste. These
young stars and celebrities minted money by using all the electronic vices, together with bloomed so many international sports and their clubs, drug and sex industries and sex-trafficking and pornography of a myriad types. To become a luminary of any sort has become the ultimate aim of each individual. Corruption of all types in seen and unseen realms flourished in epic proportion that forced the rulers to change the law to simmer to everybody’s de-facto relationship for quenching the lust of the flesh only. These groups thrived by money and technology that is imported from the nether world from where emerges the beast which is illustrated in the Book of Revelations, Rev.13. In this darkness where nobody can work, Jn.9, is a glaring sign of the Doomsday reality.

The high-tech era means making money and becoming like shining international stars of many types. The computer technology has turned the world upside down. Man to man relationship is substituted with machine to machine relationship that wiped out our heart to heart bond and affection. The 13 members of a youth group yielded 1
billion dollar by the Face Book dealing this week is only an example. Not only the young celebrities and luminaries make money but others who work in the IT field and off shore drilling and similar other industries and workplaces fetch a huge sum as their salary which in turn touches all the facets of our life at large. One who has no life experience receive this sort of huge money and spent it extravagantly for satisfying their body passions because religion lost its flavour at the feet of Mammon who rule the world with its fiscal might now, 1.Jn 5: 19. The money that grabbed by selling the body passions are the main chunk of the charity money which ate away the pure apostolic faith of depositing our soul into the hands of God by penitential religious life and prayers because the church and its institutions now represent for giving a voice for the ones who make insidious incendiarism, not for the ones who aspire for worshipping God in truth and spirit. “For the love of money is the root of all evils; it is through these cravings that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs”, 1.Tim.6: 10. Thus the age of Judas has dawned again at the close of the age without any warnings or our knowledge, though a kind of a harmonious society survived before the onset of a petroleum age somewhere before the close of the 1970s. The intrinsic, elemental or unearthly love that we thirst for now has been gulped by the greed of money and cheap popularity, and the cosmic type of love has already become a thing of the past that will be explained in Part 9, so also corrupting the apostolic faith by the influence of money and high-tech paraphernalia is a sign of our spiritual degradation.

E.S.John, Australia

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