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February 2011

Saving Ethiopia’s “Church Forests”

February 26, 2011 Articles

By T. DeLene Beeland 25/2/2011 In America, some fundamental Christians believe that man has a God-given right to use the earth and all its resources to meet their needs. After all, Genesis says so. But across the Atlantic, a different attitude prevails among followers in Ethiopia, which has the longest continuous tradition of Christianity of […]

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Martorana: Palermo’s Byzantine Jewel

February 20, 2011 Articles

The Christian Middle East has produced great leaders who shaped western history. In the wake of the 22 Coptic Christians who died at a January 6 massacre in the Church of Saints Mark and the current Egyptian uprising, it is time to reexamine a time of glorious achievement of a Greek commander. Admiral George of […]

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Georgia’s Showdown Between Church And State

February 20, 2011 Articles

By Ghia Nodia 20/2/2011 The authority of the Orthodox Church is perceived as unshakeable in Georgia. Opinion polls consistently show trust in the church at over 90 percent, a rating politicians can only dream of. The personal popularity of Patriarch Ilia II, who has led the Georgian Orthodox Church since 1977, is particularly high. As […]

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Byzantine and Russian Influences in Andrei Rublev’s Art

February 3, 2011 Articles

By Iulia O. Basu Andrei Rublev (c. 1360-1430) is a mysterious figure, whose biography is not well known, although he is historically considered the best-known painter of Russian icons and frescoes. Early in his life he joined the Trinity-Sergei Lavra Monastery, becoming the pupil of Prokhor of Gorodets before moving to Andronikov Monastery, near Moscow, […]

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