Teaser of ‘Western Rites of Syriac Malankara Orthodox Churches’

OCP-MARP – 1/8/17

The teaser of the book ‘Western Rites of Syriac Malankara Orthodox Churches’ is online. The teaser is available on YouTube and Vimeo.

About the Book
This book is one of the first research studies on Western Rite Orthodox communities of Oriental Orthodox Churches, with emphasis and special reference to the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church.

Two Western Rites, the Independent Catholic Church of Ceylon, Goa and India and the Christian (Old Orthodox) Catholic Rite Church of America was constituted with the blessings and permission of Moran Mor Ignatius Peter IV (III) – Patriarch of Antioch and All East. These communities came into existence as a result of the great missionary vision of Patriarch Ignatius Peter IV (III) and the Prelates of Malankara.

The book is a journey through the great missionary efforts of Patriarch Ignatius Peter IV (III), Malankara Metropolitan Pulikkottil Mar Joseph Dionysius II, Metropolitan Alvares Mar Julius, Archbishop Rene Vilatte Mar Timotheus I, Dr Lisbao Pinto, St. Gregorious of Parumala and other great leaders of Syriac and Malankara Churches.