Research Objectives

MARP – Research Objectives

  • To understand the historical importance of the Western Rite Orthodox Churches and communities of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.
  • To analyze the considerable importance of Western Rite Orthodox Churches in the contemporary world and its potential impact in the Orthodox world. 
  • To explore the importance, structure, and life of Western Rite Orthodox (Latin, Anglo, and Independent Catholic) communities in relation to the Oriental Orthodox Communion with a special focus on the Syriac and Malankara Churches.
  • To study the role of Metropolitan-Archbishop Alvares Julius in the growth and development of Western Rite Orthodoxy in the Indian Sub-continent.
  • To learn the roles of various Prelates and lay leaders of the Western Rite Churches.
  • To explore the socio-economic and religious impact made by Western Rite-Independent Catholic Movements in India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
  • To understand Western Rites in the historical and cultural context of Portuguese Goa, British Ceylon, and British Raj.
  • To foster, enhance, and benefit Indo-Sri Lanka relations through research on history, culture, and religion.
  • To learn the role of American and British Catholic Christian communities and community Churches and their influence on Western Rites.
  • To analyze the historic role and involvement of the Sinhalese community in Western Rites
  • To understand the relations between Western Rite (Independent Catholic Mission Church of Goa Ceylon and India), Old Orthodox Catholic Rite Church, and other similar movements.
  • To explore and rediscover historic churches, communities, and centers of Western Rite Orthodox Churches.
  • To associate with Churches, organizations, and individuals to share and publish research materials and documents on Western Rites.