Our Journey in Pictures

The Journey of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE® (OCP -MARP™) delegation through the historic Western Rite Mission fields of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches. We have tried our best to carefully document important milestones of our long journey on the study and research of Western Rite Orthodoxy which started with our field visit to Brahmavar in 2009.

Historic Visit of the OCP Delegation to Brahmavar Western Rite Orthodox Community – 2009

Historic Moment – Rediscovery of Lost Community of St. Gregorious by Dr. Ajesh T Phillip in Dindigul in 2010

OCP-MARP delegation field visit in Dindigul, 2012

Visit to Bishop K.C. Pillai’s Family by the OCP-MARP delegation in 2012

Inauguration of MARP Portal by Fr Dr. K M George in 2013

The Old St.James Independent Catholic Church in Sempatti Rediscovered by Dr. Ajes T. Philip in 2013

An old visitors diary of Metropolitan Mar Thoma Dynosios found by Dr. Ajesh T. Philip from the St. James Independent Catholic Church in 2013

Visit of Metropolitan Yuhanon Diascorous of Visit of Metropolitan Yuhanon Diascorous of Chennai to Dindigul and Sempatty in Association with OCP-MARP in December 2013

Dr. Ajesh T Phllip presenting the Order of Three Saints Icon to Metropolitan Diascoros Yuhanon of Chennai in 2013 as part of the discussion on OCP-MARP field work

Divine Liturgy and Community gathering in Dindigul in association with OCP-MARP in July 2014

George Alexander speaking at IAO Conference in Thessaloniki on OCP-MARP in 2014

The historic Cathedral of Metropolitan Alvares Julius in Colombo Rediscovered by OCP-MARP Initiative in December 2014

The rediscovery of Tablitho from the Holy Epiphany Church in 2015 as part of the OCP-MARP field work

Dr. Ajesh examining the Tablet that he rediscovered from the old Holy Epiphany Church in 2015

OCP Secretary on the field visit in Sri Lanka in October 2015

Dr. Ajesh T Philip speaking at the Symposium organized by the Malankara Orthodox Community of Goa – September 2015

Dr. Ajesh T Phillip with Dr. Wei Jaing of Bonn University in 2017

Serbian Orthodox Author Dragana Atanaskovic Launch revamped MARP Portal in – July 2018

OCP-MARP delegation meeting at the Ecumenical Relation Department of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church in 2018

Book Launch of Western Rites of Syiac-Malankara Orthodox Churches at Sofia Centre, Old Seminary, August 2018
Book Launch of ‘Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches’ at Sofia Center, Old Seminary, August 2018
Latin Catholic Historian * Benefactor of OCP-MARP Mr. Manishad Mattackal honored with the OCP Icon of Christ the Pantocrator.
Latin Catholic Historian & Benefactor of OCP-MARP Mr. Manishad Mattackal honored with the OCP Icon of Christ the Pantocrator – October 2018.

Research Book on Mar Alvares Julius & the Independent Catholic Church Presented to the Goan State Central Library. November 2018. 

Western Rite Book Presented to Alexandre Barbosa – Editor of Herald Publications.
November 2018.

Gratitude letter sent to Maria Costa (retired Asst. State Librarian (Central State Library of Goa), historian, and author) for locating the photo of Mar Alvares Julius. Copy of the Western Rite book presented as well. November 2018.

The Family of Mar Alvares Julius Honoured with the Orders of ‘Western Rite’ & ‘Alvares Julius’. November 2018.

Patriarch Abba Seraphim’s Book ‘As Far As East Is From The West’ in response to the Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches. December 2018. 


Western Rite Book Presented to Fr. Stephen Igmnov of the Russian Orthodox Church -Moscow Patriarchate by Fr Koshy Vaidhyan. December 2018.

OCP Secretary George Alexander visited Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Paulose II of the East and updated the Prelate on the progress of MARP. A copy of the first part of the book Western Rite was presented to the Catholicos. February 2019.

A copy of the first part of the Western Rite book presented to Dr. Sanal Mohan (Director of Kerala Council for Historical Research- KCHR), April 2019.

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