OCP-MARP Delegation visits Ecumenical Relations Department of the Malankara Church

OCP-MARP – 21/7/18

Kerala-India: An OCP-MARP delegation (Dr. Ajesh T. Philip, Fr. Prakash Kuriakose, Fr. Bobby Varghese and George Alexander) were received at the department of Ecumenical Relations by Fr. Abraham Thomas (Secretary) and Fr. Aswin Fernandez (Executive Secretary). The delegation visited the department upon the invitation of Fr. Abraham Thomas. Dr. Ajesh T Philip(Head and Chief Research Officer) briefed the filed and research activities of OCP-MARP over the last eight years.

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Discussion were made on OCP-MARP initiative and possibile collaboration between OCP-MARP and the Ecumenical Relations department. Fr.Aswin Fernandez presented OCP-MARP delegation with icons of the Holy Theotokos.