Latin Catholic Historian Manishad Mattackal Honoured by OCP-MARP

Ben Kunjacko – OCP-MARP – 21/10/18

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Malankara-India: Maninda Mattackal, one of the benefactors of Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project (MARP) was honored with the OCP Icon of Christ the Pantocrator (written by Anca Sirbu – OCP Delegate of Bucharest and All Romania). Icon of Christ the Pantocrator is one of the awards instituted by the OCP Foundation. George Alexander (OCP Secretary & Research Officer at MARP) presented the icon to Manishad Mattacakal on 20/10/2018.

Manishad is a research advisor to the ongoing research project on the Western Rites of Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches. He has already made valuable contributions in the first part of the research publication, which was released in the month of August 2018. George thanked Manishad and the Archdiocese of Veropploy for their continued and valuable support for the Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project.

He serves as the Verapoly Archdioscean and State Committee Member at the Kerala Latin Catholic History Association (KLCHA). Apart from this, he is a member of the Kerala Region Latin Catholic Bishops Council (KRLCBC) – Heritage Commission. He is also a blogger and serves as the editor of various Latin Catholic publications.