An Original Photo of Mar Alvares Julius Released by OCP-MARP

Ben Kunjako – OCP-MARP – 20/11/18

After a long and extended process of ‘document research’, Dr. Ajesh T. Philip (Head and Chief Research Officer @MARP) was able to locate an originally published photo of the Saintly Metropolitan Mar Alvares Julius of Ceylon Goa, and India. Dr. Ajesh was able to acquire the photo of Metropolitan Alvares from the Goa State Central Library located at the Capital city of Panjim. The photo was originally published in the Portuguese Newspaper ‘Oriente’ of September 1929 edition (6 years after the demise of the late lamented Metropolitan).

Metropolitan Alvares was known as ‘Padre Alvares’ in Goa. He was the Primate and Metropolitan-Archbishop of the Independent Catholic Church of the Ceylon, Goa, and India of the Syriac-Malankara Orthodox Churches. Metropolitan Alvares Julius was the chief consecrator of Archbishop Rene Vilatte Mar Timotheus I (at Our Lady of Good Death of Church, Colombo in 1892).

We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa for her support, help, and guidance.

Archives of the Goa State Central Library
Oriente (1929). Padre Alvares. p.4.

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